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Public Houses Sold By Auction
Public Houses in Leicester and County
Offered for Sale by Auction or by Private Treaty
From October 15th 1895 To October 1935
Mr W G Turner of Leicester kept a diary of all the sales he was directly involved in over the period 1895 to 1935. The diary came into the possession of Duncan Lucas who agreed to the Society photographing the diary with the intention of making the contents available on the Society web site.
An image was made of each page and these are now available for viewing.
Of the 247 pages only 4 relate to Wigston with the balance all being located in the County of Leicestershire.  When viewing the images bear in mind that in some instances there is more than one sale on a page.  In most cases there is a copy of the newspaper article advertising the sale and comments by Mr Turner on the sale and sale price.