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The Railways Of Wigston Junction
Published By John Stevenson
Since 14 November

Wigston - a rural village based on agriculture and framework knitting in 1830, yet who would have imagined that within 10 years the pace of life would step up from pedestrian to hectic with the opening of the first railway station in 1840. What a change for the village and the residents who could now seek employment much further afield. Over the next 30 years, the railways promoted growth and new opportunities, and the development of South Wigston came at a time when the Midland Railway was establishing its engine shed and wagon repair works in 1873.

This book sets out to explain the development of the railways in Wigston and shows how important this has been to the village of Wigston.

A4 landscape size, hard back cover, 148 pages packed with dozens of excellent photographs, both black and white and colour, of railways and memorabilia
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