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The Society would like to thank Linda Forryan for the drawing of the Churches at the head of the site
Research Projects
Since 28 December
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The Society is involved in a number of research projects each dealing with a specific subject. We need to collect general information for each project and would like your help in adding to the history of the Wigston area.
Some of our projects are single point research items such as “Coal Merchants of Wigston” while others are multi point such as Inns and Pubs of the Wigston’s.
We would like you to tell us about any of the projects. If you have any research, knowledge, recollections, stories or activities associated with one of the projects / items, newspaper items then please send us the details in an e-mail so we can add your information to the file and grow the knowledge base. Have a look at the files and if you can add anything then please e-mail the information to:
Coal Merchants in the Wigston Area
(Requires Adobe PDF Reader)
Inn’s and Pub’s of Wigston Magna and South Wigston
Wigston Business Index
Street Names