The Greater Wigston

Historical Society

20 July 2018
At the beginning of 2018 Duncan Lucas found an old reel of 16mm cine film which was  listed as
Wigston Railways 1958. Duncan kindly passed this to John Stevenson a member of The Greater
Wigston Historical Society and a keen Railway enthusiast.

John arranged for the 16mm film to be converted to a DVD and found just over 3 minutes of
footage taken at the Wigston South railway sidings circa 1958. The footage is without doubt a
unique record of the sidings and of many of the people who worked there.

John Stevenson then looked at the individuals featured in the footage and wondered if it would be
possible to identify them. Many would have been local people who lived in both Wigston Magna
and South Wigston.

The photos below are from the original footage and show the faces of the railways workers. Can
you identify any of them? If so please e-mail  and quote
the number on the top right of the picture.